3 ways to protect your appliances from power surges

Most, if not all, our appliances require a source of power to run. For that, you will plug the wire into your wall’s sockets and not give it a second thought. However, if you have been through a power surge, you will understand the damage it can do to the appliances. If you have not, keep in mind that it can end up damaging and even destroying appliances and many other items that are connected to the primary grid, and such situations can happen without warning.

Knowing that appliances can be quite expensive, you need to make sure that all of your electronics are protected from such an event. In this article, we will share three practical tips on how you can keep your appliances safe from a power surge:

1. Use surge protectors

One of the most common ways to keep appliances at home safe from power surges is to use surge protectors. These devices are typically connected to your electrical outlet and into the ground. It works by diverting excess electricity from the outlet straight down into the earth, ensuring that the extra power does not end up damaging your electronics.

While most homes will already have surge protectors installed, keep in mind that not all will have them. For this reason, if you find out that your home does not have surge protectors installed, contact an electrical company right away to have them installed.

2. Unplug unused appliances

Know that any wire or device that is not plugged into the power socket will be safe from power surges. This is primarily because there is no connection between the plug and socket, stopping the surge of extra power from doing any damage. With that in mind, if you have appliances that you only use temporarily, such as a rice cooker or toaster, be sure to unplug them immediately after usage.

Another excellent benefit to this is that when you unplug them, you are conserving power at the same time. As a result, not only do you protect your appliances, but you also protect your bank from unnecessary electrical expenses!

3. Install surge arresters

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution to keep your appliances, and home, safe from power surges, consider installing surge arresters. They are installed where all the power your home uses comes from. This means that if a power surge does happen, it will effectively stop the extra power in its track before reaching your home.

There are many types of surge arresters in the market, some working with lower voltages and some higher. For instance, some surge arresters can protect your home from 6000 volts, while others will triple that number. Other more sophisticated surge arresters can even detect lightning surges around your home and automatically switch off power to sensitive appliances.


Power surges have become such a problem today because when technology grows more advanced, the circuits become more delicate. Unfortunately, the power grids are prone to power fluctuations, and power surges can quickly fry your electrical components at home.

If you want to keep your home and appliances completely safe from damages due to sudden power surges, be sure to follow the three valuable tips mentioned above. Remember, your appliances are expensive, and you don’t want to regret not planning for power surges once you start smelling burnt electrical components.

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