Installing a ceiling fan for your home is a great way to keep cool and redecorate at the same time. Regular fans often take up space and don’t look as pleasing to the eye with their awkward positioning. Ceiling fans not only look great, but they can also lessen the use of your air conditioning unit, resulting in an overall lower utility bill.

Ceiling fans don’t seem overly complicated, so installing one yourself should be easy enough, or at least that’s how it seems. In reality, unless you’ve got some knowledge of electrical wirings, then the task may be more complicated than you may realise. After all, electrical installation jobs require a bit more knowledge in that area to perform properly (and safely).

If you’re not convinced, then here are six reasons why hiring a professional is your best bet if you want to install a ceiling fan:

1. Ceiling fans require electrical work

Most homes don’t come with custom wirings for a ceiling fan, so calling in a professional electrician is the best way to have the necessary wire connections installed.

2. You want to ensure your personal safety

Though you may be confident in your ability to do the basic setups of your appliances at home, such installation jobs are best proceeded with caution. If you’re even the slightest bit unfamiliar or uncomfortable with electrical wiring, then it might be better to let a professional handle the job!

There are several risks you face when doing this unfamiliar task yourself:

  • Starting an electrical fire
  • Getting electrocuted
  • Falling and injuring yourself
  • Hurting yourself with the tools or the fan

These could not only hurt yourself and your family, but you could also cause damage to your home too.

3. It’s more affordable in the long run

Installing the ceiling fan incorrectly or incompletely may damage both the appliance and your home’s wirings. Getting an electrician to do the work for you will minimise the need for unnecessary repairs, or worse having to buy a brand-new fan to replace the one you broke!

4. Installing anything should fall within building guidelines.

If you live in a managed residential building, then it may have a policy against installations that include changing or adding fixtures. Such work would require permits and identification of personnel who are authorised to make the installation. To make sure that you aren’t breaking any rules, go with the safe route and hire a licensed electrician to install your ceiling fan.

5. Ceiling fans may have more advanced features.

Ceiling fans come in all sorts of varieties today. Some may have smart home functions or features like dimmers, both of which require additional hardware that might make the installation process more complex. Your electrician will know how to handle these additional requirements.

6. Professionals can get it done quickly and safely.

Even if you have taken the necessary steps to ensure the successful installation of your new ceiling fan, going ahead with it may still come with certain risks. After all, it takes knowledge and experience to understand everything behind the electrical components and to troubleshoot the appliance. If something were to go wrong, it could end up costing you more than the fan itself!

Professionals provide guarantees, so you can be assured that the service you’re getting will give you a ceiling fan in perfect working condition. If something doesn’t work quite right, they’ll usually repair the issue for no additional cost.

A professional whose daily job involves installing a fan probably knows how to do it blindfolded. That may be an exaggeration, but they are the pros for a reason: they know exactly what they’re doing. This means they can install your ceiling fan properly and efficiently, no matter its specifications and complications, making it a hassle-free process for everybody!


Relying on your own tools and knowledge for DIY installations can often be quick and easy. However, fan installations have wirings and are done several feet off the ground making it a trickier job to push through with.

Whether you’re looking for a better fan or are just redecorating, hiring a home electrician who knows their way around ceiling fans is the way to go. They can make sure you’ve got a securely installed ceiling fan in no time.

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