-Australia is a place that is sunny and hot most of the year. While the coal industry is booming nowadays, many residents of the Gold Coast are converting their energy sources into solar power. Clean energy is a blessing of the 21st century, and technology for solar energy has come a long way since then.

Gold Coast solar power solutions are now more popular than ever, as it is getting more affordable and is now even more efficient. With the ability to power households extremely well along with saving the environment, solar power in the Gold Coast is a must-have!

To emphasise this point, here are six reasons why solar power solutions are the best in 2020:

1. You Practically Never Run Out

One thing about sunlight is that it is an abundant resource. Every day in Australia, your home will be exposed to heat energy, and sunlight for more than half the day which means energy gained for use.

Australia is known to have the highest solar radiation average rate per square metre compared to other parts of the world. This means that having solar panels on the Gold Coast will practically give you unlimited access to energy due to the abundance of sunlight.

2. You Decrease Your Carbon Footprint Size

Solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy available. Without the need to burn coal or use fossil fuels, your home will have a smaller carbon footprint size. Gold Coast solar power solutions can curb your emissions by up to three tonnes per year and that’s a lot!

3. You Save a Lot of Money on Electricity Bills

Electricity bills are horrible to look at sometimes! If you have ever left something plugged in the entire month or some appliance just sucks up a lot of energy, you know the bill will be high.

While some solar panels in the Gold Coast can cost a substantial amount upfront, the payoffs are high when you don’t have to worry about exorbitant electricity bills. With practically free electricity, why wouldn’t you want a solar-powered solution?

4. Maintenance is Easy Enough

Modern solar panels do not require much maintenance and upkeep. They have evolved to become extremely durable and efficient. These operate using photovoltaic panels that convert light and heat into energy. Knowing this, having a good set of solar panels on the Gold Coast will practically last forever with only a few routine checkups in between.

5. It Assists with Financial Stability

The future is unpredictable, and one day, it could just happen that coal prices will shoot up, making traditional electricity sources extremely expensive. While the initial costs of solar are expensive for most, this is a great investment as they practically last forever.

Solar energy also does not fluctuate in price, because it is a nearly free source of energy provided you have solar panels, of course.

6. You Can Get Government Incentives

The Australian government’s Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme can assist with offsetting the purchase costs of certain units. When you have started generating solar energy, excess power you have created can be sold back to the grid through feed-in tariffs. These are quite low, so you may also opt to store this excess power rather than sell them back to the government.


Australia is undoubtedly one of the best places to buy solar power solutions in the world. With extreme heat energy radiation and strong sunlight annually, your panels will be generating a lot of clean energy. By getting past the upfront costs of Gold Coast solar power solutions, you are assured that you have a practically unlimited source of energy for the rest of your life.

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