Here are the major reasons that lead to air conditioners requiring premature repairs or complete replacement

  1. The compressor has seized
  2. The unit has lost its refrigerant gas

Here’s why you could spend more on the installation and running costs than you need to

  1. Unit not correctly sized for the application
  2. Education on what temperature setting to run it at – 24 degrees is generally optimum
  3. filters not cleaned regularly

What differentiates us:

We leave the job comfortable in “knowing” it is free of moisture within the system, that if it wasn’t removed (vac pumped out) it would lead to premature failure of the compressor (seizing) we got the moisture level down to below 500 microns.

We scrutinise our refrigerant connections for leaks via an electronic leak detector and or the “big blue” bubble test.

We test the machine is running nicely at the correct pressure.

So if you have someone other than us install for you, ask “did the vac get down to 500 microns and pass the bubble test?” If his eyes glaze over, chances are you may not have got a professional air conditioner install.

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