Corona Virus Alert – Best practices for remote work – REEFCOSA Electrical Air & Solar

Hi Everyone,

In light of the current Corona Virus pandemic – the team at REEFCOSA Electrical Air & Solar

will be taking the following preventive and precautionary action.

As we care deeply about our customers and our awesome team. We are also mindful that most will

still want their electrical issues attended to in a timely fashion.

Here is how we aim to help you and us and the wider community.

What we will do:

  • We will be performing a prescribed cleansing routine prior to and post a completed job. 
  • We will call you before arriving at your job appointment to check and see if all is well with

             you and any member of your family or other residents that may be present on your

             property. Should any of you have flu or cold symptoms then please let our team member

             know and he will very promptly get an office team member to call you and work out a

             possible workaround solution.

  • If you give us the all clear – we will see you promptly and still adhere to a prescribed

cleansing routine prior to and post whilst carrying out the job task at hand.

What we would like you to do:

  • Firstly answer our call as communication is key in these situations.
  • Once you have given us the all clear – please can you assist by having the potential work

area as free from any unnecessary objects as is physically possible.

  • If it is necessary to be present in the designated work area – please can you try and

observe the social interaction guideline distance of 1.5m from each other.

  • Please don’t be offended should one of our team members wipe down any surfaces

before commencing work. They will only be carrying out the precautionary measures that they have been given.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and assistance with helping us navigate through

this difficult but necessary process. If you have any further concerns or questions please don’t

hesitate to contact our office team on 0405 401 907 and we will promise to take our own advice

and answer your call.


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