These 11 distinctions below are the difference between a professional installation and a crappy one that will potentially save you heartache, disappointment, discomfort, and money in the long run.

So what we do is:

  1. Turn up on time
  2. Carefully consider the location of both indoor and outdoor units. There are several considerations to consider and our experience and expertise will dictate what we recommend to you.
  3. Install quality ducting to cover the insulated piping etc from the elements and make it look as neat as possible.
  4. Install the drain after carefully considering a few key things including safety, pest management, and functionality. Again our experience and expertise will dictate what we recommend to you here.
  5. Pressure test the system with nitrogen PRIOR to charging with refrigerant to identify any potential leaks that will potentially cost you money down the track, cause inconvenience and discomfort and threaten the environment. 
  6. Install the necessary electrical circuit and isolator, we don’t outsource that.
  7. Electrically test and record test results to ensure your safety and your friend’s and family’s safety.
  8. Evacuate the system ie. vacuum (pump) down the refrigeration system to remove all contaminants and moisture ensuring trouble-free operation for the longest period possible avoiding callbacks, frustration, lost time and money due to premature compressor failure.
  9. Reconfirm there are no leaks using tried and tested methods.
  10. Run the test and explain the operation to you so you know how to operate it and to its maximum efficiency.
  11. Clean up after ourselves

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