shock reading bill
We’ve had a few people ask about why their electricity bills are so high and it often turns out they didn’t realise there are Network Charges for certain services Energex do that are no longer free.
Energex charges a fee to the retailer (who you pay your bill to) and the final charge is reflected on the customer’s retail bill. This may vary and customers should also contact their retailer to ensure there are no additional charges.
A list of the common ones are here Common Network Charges and for a full list of all Network Charges, they are here Energex Tariff Schedule 2016-17
The reasoning behind why these fees are being passed on now is to reduce our electricity bill apparently. It has been explained via this example, if you want to have off-peak metering installed, rather than Energex sending a technician out to fit the meter for free and we all share in the cost of these services, the idea is to make it a user-pays system.
I hope that helped and gave you some insight. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
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