Starting a business is a big step to take and comes with many responsibilities. Add the fact that you have employees and a workplace to keep safe, and it can make things a little bit overwhelming from time to time. But did you know that simply working with the right commercial electrician can immediately take a lot of worries off your chest?

An electrician can help you deliver a safe working environment. Here are examples of how a commercial electrician can positively help your business, no matter what industry you are in.

1. Ensuring all the appliances are safe

Appliances inside an establishment make people’s lives more convenient and comfortable. A commercial electrician will ensure that all the appliances you have in your office or store are safe to operate. First, they will do a visual inspection for any damage to make sure that they are fully functional. Then, they will proceed to test each using specialised equipment. After that, they will attach a tag to the appliance to indicate that it is tested and safe for use. You will also see the next recommended test date specified on the tag.

Testing and tagging is a requirement under the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2760, especially for industries like construction, demolition, and mining. Through this practice, the whole team knows which items are safe to use, therefore minimising the risk of electrical accidents.

2. Testing of circuit breakers? performances

Circuit breakers are your automatic circuit protection systems, and you need to make sure that they function correctly. A commercial electrician can help you check whether your switching system and tripping structure are configured correctly. Through their help, you can examine whether the setup is safe and verify your circuit breakers are indeed reliable.

When there is electrical damage in the area, they will immediately disconnect the current to protect your equipment and the whole building from any accidents.

Moreover, coils in circuit breakers are prone to becoming damaged or worn over time, which is why regular testing by an electrician is necessary. This will help to detect issues early. It will also prevent equipment damage, staff injury, and business interruption.

3. Raising your business? energy efficiency

Consumers value companies that observe sustainability, and an energy-efficient business can help your organisation reduce power consumption and cut electricity bills. If you want your company to be both sustainable and energy-efficient, an experienced and knowledgeable electrician can provide some recommendations.

They can help you install solar panels, solar hot water systems, off-peak metering for cheaper tariffs, and LED or other energy-efficient lighting systems. They can also conduct a detailed energy audit for your appliances and infrastructure for more insight. A reliable and proactive electrician is the best guide you can have when choosing which upgrades to purchase to improve your energy usage.

4. Better lighting control

A business’s lighting system often accounts for more than 60 per cent of its entire electricity bill. If you are working with a licensed and experienced electrician, you will have better lighting control. They can help you upgrade your wall switches or provide sensor-activated dimming systems. They can install scheduled lighting controls for automatic switch-off after work hours and provide other ways to achieve convenience and significant savings. Moreover, optimised lighting control can also positively affect your workers? comfort and productivity.


Working with a trusted electrician can help you enhance the efficiency and safety of your workplace. You can minimise the risk of business interruption and avoid additional expenses caused by equipment damage. With their help, you will have a compliant and safe workplace that is also sustainable, more profitable, and highly productive.

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