As of January 1, 2019, the new AS 3000 comes into effect, and among numerous changes, how we (and you) treat the electrical installation for your pool from now on is one of them.

  • Earth bonding of the pool shell is required and classed as “electrical work” under the electrical safety act and requires an electrician to install it. Multiple methods are acceptable to attach the conductor to the shell or mesh including earth clamps, premade IPC kit, and new products like the conductor hub, as long as the connection is solid and of low resistance and corrosion-proof. The tie wires for the rest of the reo is the concretes responsibility. This conductor goes to the “equipotential junction point”
  • “Bonding” is also required for conductive material such as pool fencing, stair handles, diving boards, light fittings, etc. that are within “arms reach” (1.25m) and must come back to the equipotential junction point, which must be accessible.

Of course, the circuit would also need to be safety switch protected (aka RCD) NOT just a circuit breaker (there is a big difference refer here)

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