Keeping your smoke alarm systems in good condition is crucial in ensuring your safety from fire. However, for property managers, performing preventive maintenance is a matter of complying with the National Construction Code of Australia.

It’s perfectly legal for a landlord to handle their smoke alarm maintenance on their own, especially if they are reasonably knowledgeable about smoke alarm systems. However, smoke alarms play a crucial role in the prevention of property damage and loss of life making it a job best left for a professional. If your building is nearby, you can contact smoke alarm installers in the Gold Coast, such as Reefcosa Electrical, to ensure that your alarm systems are always in perfect working order.

That being said, knowing how a smoke alarm is supposed to work and when it might need replacing or repair is crucial knowledge that everybody needs to learn. In this article, we will discuss some smoke alarm maintenance tips that every homeowner needs to know about.

Testing Your Smoke Alarms

It’s generally good practice to check your smoke alarms once a month. Most smoke alarms come with a test button that you can press, causing it to emit a loud tone. This would signify that the device is still powered up and working. Just be careful not to press too hard and damage your smoke alarm in the process.

If it doesn’t beep, you will need to check it for any visible signs of damage. If it comes with a 9V battery, you can replace it with a fresh one and test it again. Fresh 9V batteries are usually good for a year before needing a replacement.

However, if your main grid powers your smoke alarms, chances are they have rechargeable batteries that are not designed to be replaced. If you’re not sure, it’s wise to consult with an electrical service that’s proficient with smoke alarms for good measure.

When to Replace Smoke Alarms

All smoke detectors need to be replaced after ten years from their manufacture date not when you first installed them! The manufacturing date is usually located on the back of the device, so you’ll have to remove it from your ceiling to check the specifics out.

Your smoke alarm will also signal you with a warning beep when something is wrong with its internal components or if the battery needs replacing. Should this happen, try replacing the battery and see if the beeping noise stops. If it doesn’t, the unit will need to be replaced even if it’s not yet ten years old.

As mentioned above, some smoke alarms do not have interchangeable batteries. This type of smoke alarm is powered by your mains with a rechargeable battery to keep it running in case of a power outage.

In case of extended power outages, these batteries can get drained and run out, upon which it will begin to beep as a warning. These warning beeps will continue until the battery is recharged when the electricity is restored or until the battery is fully depleted.

In the latter case, you will want to contact a reliable electrician to disconnect and replace the smoke alarms from your main grid.


Smoke alarms play a significant role in the early detection of fire incidents, which can, in turn, save lives and property. For this reason, preventive maintenance of smoke alarms should not be taken for granted and should be part of your routine as a homeowner or property manager.

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