Let’s get the high-priority stuff addressed first.

  1. A general visual inspection from an experienced electrician who knows what he’s looking for and where to look for it is a very good first step to potentially reveal any serious hazards that may put you, your family, guests, or staff in real danger more here
  2. Hopefully, this will NEVER happen, but if there was a fire in your premises, will you be woken in time to safely escape along with any others? There are new smoke alarm reforms now, will they affect you more here?
  3. Imagine the smoke alarm has alerted you that something is wrong but there is insufficient lighting to enable you to find your way out! Is exit & emergency lighting required? Has it been tested in accordance with workplace health & safety laws within the last 6 months?
  4. Is an alarming electricity bill going to concern you? We can guide you on this with advice on opportunities to save you money more here for homes and here for businesses

Now for some creature comforts

  1. Is the lighting as you want it? Is it creating the mood or ambience you want, or do you just want to be able to see where you are going!
  2. Would you like the lighting to come on automatically as you enter a room or space. The garage is my favourite. Why have a switch to turn it on when you have already stumbled in the dark to reach it when you get home and by that stage, you are about to leave the garage anyway!!
  3. Are there adequate power outlets and are they where you want them?
  4. Would you like to be more comfortable? Air Conditioning or ceiling sweep fans may enable you to concentrate better and for longer or provide a more pleasant place to sleep or watch a movie.

Entertainment and information

  1. Do you wish to watch TV in a room but don’t have a TV outlet to receive the signal?
  2. Is the signal weak providing a picture that fades in and out?
  3. Do you want to connect to the internet more freely?
  4. Do you need to relocate a pay-tv outlet?


  1. If security is important to you, you may wish to explore the benefits of CCTV and or an alarm system to deter potential threats or provide evidence if required.
  2. Floodlighting an area may even be required, as could movement-activated lighting.
  3. An intercom system that enables you to see and speak with who’s at the gate or door before you allow them entry or open the door to them is an excellent form of security too

Showcasing your castle or place of business

  1. Strategic feature and or floodlighting can make a dramatic difference to how your place looks and feels, whether it is entertaining, meeting with friends or clients or just showcasing a lovely garden, lighting done well can provide amazing results as to how you feel or how a place presents.

So if any of these ideas are relevant to you simply pick up the phone & call us or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs with you today. 

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