1. You will receive significant annual cost savings in Energy charges off your current Electricity
Bill (where the tariff is kVA demand). This will be an ongoing savings for the life of the

2. You could enjoy a short payback period – usually 1 to 3 years.

3. You will meet your legal obligations by complying with the Australian Standards and
Electricity Distribution Code (EDC) ensuring you satisfy your Network Provider?s requirement
for Supply of Electricity.

4. You will reduce the strain on the Network Provider?s supply system and help avoid any
possible ?blackouts? in your area which could disturb both you and your neighbours.

5. You will free up some spare capacity on your Transformer and Main Switchboard and therefore
reduce the total power required by the site. This could provide you with capacity for future
load growth without the need to upgrade the infrastructure.

6. You will reduce the supply system losses (I2R losses) in cables, transformers and switchboards
ensuring longer life from the installation.

7. Your installation will have a more stable and improved voltage regulation, ensuring motors and
plant operate at maximum efficiency.

8. Your installation will have reduced the existing harmful ?system harmonics? hence reducing the occurrence of “unidentifiable” faults and spurious malfunctions affecting sensitive equipment. In other words, improving power quality.

9. You will have minimized the pollution of an otherwise ?clean? network in your neighbourhood
by suppressing the harmonic content in the supply.

10. You will reduce the flickering effect in computer screens that is normally associated with
voltage drops in the neutral conductor.

11. You will reduce the temperatures in the transformers, motors and generators due to eddy

12. You will reduce the nuisance tripping of electronic circuit breakers through the overloading of
cables and the ?skin effect?.

13. You are helping to minimize the Greenhouse Gas Emission (CO2) by reducing the amount of
natural resources required to be processed for producing useful electricity.


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