1. Hopefully, you are comparing two bills of similar days billed and both actual reads, not estimated. So how does the total consumption of electricity (in kw/hrs) compare between the two different billing periods?
    • If the consumption is similar but the $ amount you are being asked to pay is considerably different, how do the rates PER k/w/hr compare? Generally around 28 cents. If the rates vary this would be something to question your electricity retailer
    • If the consumption varies considerably this indicates one of three things.
      1. You’ve consumed more electricity refer to point 1 above
      2. The readings taken by the meter reader were incorrectly recorded
  2. Then look further to determine whether the readings were estimated or actual reads
  3. Determine how many days you were billed for on each of the bills and confirm they are all around the same, usually around 30 or 90 days.
  4. If these don’t ring any bells, get the last few electricity bills in front of you
  5. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what changes may have occurred during the billing cycle you are concerned about.
    • Did you have friends or family staying over?
    • Was it a particularly cold or warm period that may have involved you using air-conditioning or heating more than average?
    • Was there some faulty electrical equipment? A faulty pool timer for example that didn’t switch off?
    • Maybe you left the pool timer on manual instead of automatic
    • Maybe a faulty hot water thermostat that heated the water far more than it should have?
  6. You may be thinking the metering is inaccurate – Speaking from experience, this is extremely rare and very unlikely
  7. The most common explanations we find are:
    1. Customers not realising how much some appliances draw in electricity. For example
    2. Clothes dryers & electric heaters consume 2.4 kws per hour or $0.67 per hr
    3. Air conditioners vary depending on size, technology, structure, and usage
    4. Larger hot water systems & pool pumps not connected to a cheaper off-peak meter can also elevate the billing significantly
    5. Forgetting about those unusual circumstances such as
    6. extended family visiting for an extended period
    7. all that wet weather and the need to use the clothes dryer
    8. those daughters and girlfriends standing in the shower for a looooong time
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