Being a responsible homeowner means being on top of necessary maintenance and repair work that a house will eventually need from time to time. While there’s a lot of value in being able to do repairs by yourself, there are some things that should be left for experts to handle.

One thing that inexperienced homeowners should never attempt to do by themselves is your home’s electrical repairs. Unless you have the necessary experience, training, and tools, working on your home’s electric lines could lead to untoward and unnecessary accidents.

Here are three common dangers of do-it-yourself electrical work, and why they are best left to professional electricians near you.

1. Get Accidentally Electrocuted

One of the most common mistakes made by people trying to do their electrical work on their own is not turning off their power source through their breaker panels. One wrong touch and they could have hundreds of volts pass through them potentially causing irreversible injuries or even death.

In Australia, most households use 220V, which is more than enough to cause serious damage upon contact. When this happens, the body inadvertently completes a circuit and has hundreds of volts pass through them. Even if you were somehow able to escape the situation unscathed, you could be setting up someone else in your home to get electrocuted accidentally and they might not be as lucky.

In reality, it is the current that kills which is measures in amps and it only takes 30 milliamps to kill a person !! Your kettle draws 10 amps when heating.

2. Create a Source to Start a Fire

Aside from the danger of being shocked, faulty electrical wiring can also cause house fires. Unlike shocks, which immediately tell you that something is wrong, fire hazards can remain dormant for months or even years.

This is usually caused by shoddy insulation work that often leaves portions of the wire exposed. In the chance that it comes into contact with another live wire, it can cause a spark that will spread on to become a huge fire. There can be many causes of this, whether it’s loose connections, frayed or inadequate insulation, wires that have been cut at an incorrect length, wrong sized fuses, and much more.

Unless you have an acute understanding of your home’s electric connections, you could be leaving a DIY project with a false sense of security. To be safe, it’s best to stick with a professional electrician to handle this delicate work.

3. Fail Safety Inspections

Electrical inspections are usually necessary before Energex connects power after it has been disconnected, and for good reason. This is because in many cases, electrical hazards are undetectable, up until they cause shocks or fires. Depending on the severity of the problem, faulty electrical work could even lower your home’s value for the simple fact that the next owner will have to spend extra on getting those repairs done.

Hiring a professional electrician to handle your home’s electrical connections will go a long way to ensure that your home passes inspection and retains its value.


When it comes to electrical connections in your home, too little knowledge is definitely a dangerous thing. The reason why electricians take months to years to master their craft is because one single error in this line of work can cause fires and even deaths.

It’s always best to hire licensed electricians who have received adequate training and have the necessary working experience to thoroughly ensure that you and your family are safe from electrical hazards.

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