What size air conditioner should I install?
You are wondering what sizes air conditioner to install, it’s a question we often get asked. So here’s a very easy rule of thumb formula to guide you.

  • measure the area you wish to cool or heat
  • multiply that by 130 (watts)
  • For example, if the room was 7m x 5m = 35m² multiply by 130 =  4550 watts or 4.5 k/w.

It doesn’t have to be exact, this just gives you a guide, but if you had a window facing west in that room, you’d be best stepping up to the next closest model, 5.2 k/w for example rather than dropping down to say the 3.5 k/w.

There are other considerations too such as number of occupants in the room, but we’re here to help with your split system air conditioning installations on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW, simply click here to call us now



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