There’s a lot to consider with an electrical installation and a lot gets underestimated and neglected, consequently regrets, tension and conflict occur.

We offer clients a full design and advice service on some or all of the following to avoid a lot of pain and regret. Those that do are thrilled with the results.

We can work from your plans or help you design a layout. We understand timing is important to keep the job flowing, so we seamlessly work with you or your builder and the other trades to ensure we don’t upset the flow of the job.

Builders and owner builders or renovators we work with appreciate the fact we can do so much, including:

  • Mains and Metering design and upgrade including 3 phase
  • Methods of installation to ensure installation complies with AS3000 and QECMM
  • Tips on how to keep electricity bills as low as possible
  • Lighting layouts to work under or create the right atmosphere
  • Lighting control
  • Optimum protection against electrocution
  • Make safe for insurance or demolition works
  • Emergency Repairs (storm damage, flooding etc.)
  • Inspections on domestic and commercial property to identify potential fire or shock risks
  • Advice on solutions to reduce electricity costs, sometimes dramatically!
  • Power outlets for home use or machinery in factories
  • Split System Air Conditioning to keep you comfortable
  • Phone and Data system wiring to keep you connected to the internet and voice
  • Coaxial cabling for free to air and pay TV entertainment
  • Intercom & CCTV systems for security and peace of mind
  • Ceiling Sweep & Exhaust fans for moving air
  • Smoke alarms to warn of the threat of fire
  • Strategic sensor controlled lighting for more convenience & security
  • Cleaning up after ourselves!

Need electrical work done and want experts? We’ve provided options to suit you, simply press any of these Book My Job In or Request a Quote, email us at [email protected] or phone 0405 401 907 and let one of our team at Reefcosa Electrical take care of the rest.

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